Love the rustic look of this. Honestly all I used was vinegar and dish soap and a lot of elbow grease! I have some reclaimed barn wood that I picked up in a neighboring town. You can trim down later, but if you need larger, go with 8 instead of 7.) a million thanks for sharing this. Reply. Good. I just LOVE this – such a great use of an old solid sink! Your email address will not be published. Wood can catch fire. I screwed the whole thing together with my impact driver and 3″ screws (that sink is HEAVY – I needed to make this kitchen sink base very sturdy lol). The process is easy using pine, stain, and polyurethane for protection. This is to be used on cool stove tops while they are NOT TURNED ON. Such a good idea to put the towel bar on front. The House of Wood The DIY Life of a Military Wife. your base is so simple to make and exactly what i was looking for. We do wipe up around the sink after using it but we did that with laminate and granite too. Free delivery. Unscrew the scrap wood and sand the groove once complete. You could also flip it over to use as a wooden serving tray if you wanted. Hi Tarahlynn! Sink cover is finished in your choice of colors and built to your size specifications. However, if you plan to use it for food prep, be sure to finish in something food safe (not stain) and it’s best to use a hardwood like maple or walnut. Once the glue is fully dry, remove the clamps and use a table saw or a circular saw and straight edge to trim down all sides to your desired opening size. These ideas cover everything from DIY bathroom vanity plans to painted bathroom vanities, bathroom vanities from dresser and even ways to update your bathroom sink! Hey, all! sink skirt ... noodle board, sink cover, wood sink cover, kitchen décor, serving tray Oldandylanefarmhouse. Yup, and in the case with normal cabinets too a towel bar would be great on the “dummy” drawer face on the front of most sink base cabinets . I am so impressed with how creative and clever you are! I just have to mention, why do they even make sinks that are broken into two parts?! Allow the glue to fully dry. New merch for woodworking lovers is available. This stuff doesn’t soak up fluids like wooden boards, it’s easy to clean, very easy to fabricate, and is available in thicknesses from 1/2 inch to 1 inch and greater. Reduced Price. I love this! Love your sink and your ideas! Above my kitchen sink of course! Terry. This is incredible! I love the towel rack! How awesome., I’ve seen some pinterest images of potting benches incorporating old cast iron sinks and have literally drooled lol Great idea and hope you find one! I have an ugly plastic tub sink in my laundry room and was thinking of replacing it by making a stand for an old sink. It’s great for adding a little extra counter space when you aren’t using your stove. Love the sink. First, measure your stove. My question is, where do you drain your pots etc? I couldn’t believe it, I just used a little soft scrubby sponge. What stain did you use? Hugs- Christine. BHG magazine featured it in Feb 2019! Reply. Wooden Sink Cover to give you additional counter space when you are not using the sink. WOW! Insert a juice groove router bit into your router and SLOWLY and CAREFULLY run your router along the outside edge. So, my kitchen sink is tall and in all actually, I like it a lot Because it is high it is MUCH easier on the back for washing dishes etc. Jan 13, 2017 - I needed a cheap solution for the vanity top in our bathroom, and wood seemed like the logical choice. MOST stoves (not all) are standard width, but they can sometimes vary in depth, especially if it’s got controls on the back like mine. I suppose that making a wooden countertop is even easier in case you have some wood-working skills. I love this project! Wow! I have a glass top stove so no burners sticking up. Wow…just wow! Get out there and build one . I’m going to use your great idea as a basis for my “new” vanity! Amy says. It’s so much easier than you thought! by DIY Maven on Sep 17, 2013 DIYer's turning bowls into vessel sinks and dressers into vanities, aren't new ideas, but the DIYer's included in this roundup did it right. So, long story short… cut 7 pieces of T&G to 32″ long . This is just the kind of sink I want for outdoors for arranging flowers and doing other gardening chores. Like a brand new model. Four 4×4 legs, 2x4s laid across the top of them for support, and then the entire thing clad with barn wood. Thank you for sharing this. It’s mostly decorative to make it look like a real cutting board, BUT could also come in handy if you spilled something on it. Hey Jen, yup this sink weighed a TON – I could barely move it on my own lol With most sinks they sit into the counter top and just hang there by their lip that runs across the outside top of the sink but because of its weight I just didn’t dare try that. What a beautiful sink! From shop Oldandylanefarmhouse. Smiles! Previous Post Fire Pit Grill Ideas for Your Backyard. Were you able to add a garbage disposal? Thanks for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday, This looks amazing! Do it yourself, wood working. I love the look. Another pro-tip; While staining the wood, use a rag, wet the wood, stain it, and then wipe the wood clean. Thank you SO much Mrs. K! Everybody has a sink or two in the bathroom, and a cabinet or a base for it is essential: first, it hides the ugly sink legs, and second, it can serve for storage. Current Price $55.29 $ 55. Michelle, I love this sink! A DIY pine stove cover can be the perfect solution for hiding an ugly stove top cover. I’m a novice DIYer, who hasn’t tackled anything like this…but you’ve just inspired me! It is my grandparents’ fifty year old yard light that hung off the pole of my little farm yard for many decades! The one pictured is 34 x 18 *Customization is always available. I so enjoyed reading this post. So impressed. Required fields are marked *. Our accessories make the time at your kitchen, prep, bar or laundry sink more convenient, efficient and effortless. Design this DIY outdoor sink with the help of this tutorial using an old drop-in sink and reclaimed wood boards. I’ll be featuring your sink base at this week’s Friday Favorites – swing by and say hi!! Hi Sheila, because this sink is so old it does have scratches in the bottom of it and those are the only places it gets dirty and needs scrubbing otherwise these cast iron sinks don’t stain at all and are as tough as nails! Do you build them custom to sell? Hi Kari! Butcher Block Countertop. Make sure to trim to trim all sides smooth (so no tongues or grooves are showing). we have been looking for something similar to place our metal kitchen sink. This turned out beautiful!! Cheers Diana. I love, love, love it! I’ve always wanted to re do a really old house or farm house. Thank you so much for coming by I’m glad you found me too! I’d be WAY too camera shy . What a wonderful idea for one of these old sinks! Wooden Sink Cover to give you additional counter space when you are not using the sink. Thank you for sharing this at Thoughts of Home. Roll up sink cover - Duration: 0:52. Thanks for sharing at the #InspirationSpotlight Party. Simply amazing. Next Post Build a custom sports equipment storage! That is not only a great upcycle project but dang is it BEAUTIFUL!! 0:52. To build one of these, it’s best to make a cardboard template to match the outline of your cutting board. (The left side of the kitchen sink base, you can’t see it, is totally covered by barn wood so you can only see the plumbing from the from. Incredible what you can create yourself at home. Girl, we’ve got a lot in common I think! PLEASE. You’re darned right! In MN we have some of the strictest electrical codes in the county and GFCI outlets no longer cut it for us! The one pictured is 34" x 18" *Customization is always available. I stained mine and finished with a water-based clear coat. If you are looking to give your bathroom vanity a makeover, this post is for you! The 2 Seasons. Wow, what a transformation. Sorry I don’t have the dimensions! Shabby Chic or Primitive KITCHEN SINK COVER lARGE no rails flat - We take great pride in our products made, designed and hand painted to give an To do this, use a scrap piece of wood or paint stirrer and tape a pencil to it so the wood is flush against the wall and the pencil tip is at the edge of the wood at the widest gap. Actually I didn’t mention how I cleaned it because it came clean with just dish soap and hot water and a little elbow grease! Read below how to make various countertop surfaces for your Once you’ve got them cut to size, trim off the tongues using a table saw. You can get this brass faucet, vessel sink, and brass drain straight away from amazon. Thanks for sharing on the Pleasures of the NW DIY party! Keep up the good work, your grandparents would be so proud of you. Thanks so much for linking up on Thoughtful Thursday! **Stain color in the picture is Dark Walnut **For desired If you do build that sink base let me know, I would love to see it!!! Thanks for the sink idea! Just whatever you did to clean the sink totally transformed it before you even create the base, which was amazing it it’s own right. Thanks for joining us for Thursday Favorite things blog hop. If using as a cutting board, it’s best to use a hardwood as well. Thanks for sharing on Friday Frivolity. Make a DIY outdoor race car track for your kids! We live in one of the strictest electrical code states in the country and GFCI outlets are no longer considered compliant, now we have to install dual GFCI/ACFI breakers at the panel instead which I did on all of our bathrooms and kitchen . Kari says. , Love your sink, but please change your outlet to a GFI. I would recommend putting some kind of waterproofing on the lid to protect the wood. Thank you! DIY Bathroom Vanity Ideas. Around here we really do it all: refinish old furniture, re-purpose old pieces or build it from scratch. Oh wow!! Love the look! Pinning. I’d love for you to share this with my Facebook Group for recipes, crafts, tips, and tricks:, Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J, LOVE this!! Thanks for sharing on Let’s Get Real Link Up. Hope to see you tomorrow at 6 for more sharing goodness : ). Product Title Over the Sink Wood Cutting Board by Chef Buddy. If you have 8 ft boards, three 32″ lengths works out well. Wood counters like this would also work great in a bathroom or for a kitchen island. WOW WOW WOW!!! Read more articles . Hi Tarahlynn…fantastic job on the sink! I knew I wanted to wrap the whole outside of the sink with something very big so I headed to my secret stash of amazing barn wood that I’ve been gathering and pulled out the biggest thing I had: a rough-sawn, ancient, 2×10! tell us what you used to clean that sink and exactly how you did it! Your sink and the base are fantastic, and I am so impressed it was all out of “found” pieces! I will have to make sure I check the seam from time to time, though, to make sure the silicone is in good shape. Stop by and see your post linked-up and don’t forget to grab your Featured Button too!! Home » How to: Build your own kitchen sink base! The rustic weathered look is perfect. A couple of things I have to admit. I am delighted you shared it with us on I am Pinnable and I hope you won’t mind if I feature it . I can’t wait to see what the two of us can do together – this is gonna be so much fun! Sanded SMOOTH ----- NEW ITEM ----- LACK COUNTER SPACE? It got replaced and when this old light came down I knew exactly where I wanted it to go . I got married, divorced, lost my doggo soul mate, spent two years as a single gal, remodeled everything, threw my back out countless times and found a man who wanted to get on board with me! So it was either rip off the drywall and redo the drain line (over my dead body…) or end up with a kitchen sink about four inches taller then my counter top. I was SO relieved when it turned out ok! From there I also knew exactly how tall the 4×4 legs had to be so I got to cutting. You make it look so easy! I will put a prettier bulb in it someday, that one was the best one my little fleet store in town offered. We are so glad you are here. Feb 9, 2013 - Sink cover.....i want one (where is my husband and the saw LOL ) :) I love this piece you did, gorgeous. i haven’t been able to find anything suitable or to my taste until now. Sadly I don’t have one of these sitting in a barn out back! It’s not a wise decision to place the cover on a stove top that is on or is still warm. Check out this super rustic and utterly sophisticated DIY bathroom vanity! Smiles! Your post has been selected as a Featured Post for the Welcome Home Wednesdays Link Party! Kristen from Ella Claire spent almost nothing to purchase 1/4-inch pressed wood beadboard and tacked it to the wall with construction adhesive and a brad gun. Last Touches. I know some are concerned about having a food safe wood counter, but after curing this stuff is not going anywhere. A mother/daughter duo, residing in two different parts of the country, team up to write a lively blog about their homes, decorating, food, fun, and their world-wide travels. Thanks so much for sharing this DIY! Inspired by the results they got by installing butcher block in their laundry … How great that you were able to use the old sink. Not sure I have your handy skills, though! From color matched drains to custom-sized stainless steel sink grids and wood cutting boards, we have what you need. Hey Marsha, thank you!! Using a miter saw, cut 7 (or more depending on your own stove top size – this will create a 22 3/4″ deep opening. Oh Lyn that’s so great to hear! It’s amazing the things thst can be salvaged with just a little but of effort. I love how you use reclaimed materials with a story. No rough surfaces or open cracks or seams. avantimorocha Instead, my entire kitchen is on two separate dual GFCI/ACFI 20amp breakers. <3, Love your work. Pinned! Add a couple of shelves inside and maybe on the doors for storage. However, when I ran the drain lines in the house I had expected to have vessel sinks in my two main floor bathrooms and, for some reason, my brain read that I needed to have ALL of my drains that high. Thanks for sharing on My 2 Favorite Things on Thursday!! However, if using to prepare food, be sure to use a food safe finish (not stain), something like a mineral oil or butcher block oil. You made this look so easy but I know how hard DIY really is. Now let’s get building . May 24, 2020 at 7:02 am. Thanks Sue and don’t worry about that outlet. I so love to see the progression of these items. Allow glue to dry completely, then sand all the joints and corners smooth. NOTE: Minnesota has what is considered some of the harshest and toughest electrical codes in the country. I’d like to feature this post today at Tuesdays with a Twist! I took one look at this sink and my heart soared. Check out the video of the sink in action: Thanks to Gregory Lavoie for this great project! First thing I did was get the most accurate measurements of the sink that I could, which was much easier said then done – no part of this sink is flat or square on the bottom side. For the first time I have a real partner! White color is beautiful but I’ve a little confusion about it. Once you have your finish applied, simply set in place . Here the kitchen sink base is complete, I will admit that I had a few doubts but I knew my 2×10 from the barn (as well as some more barn wood to be added) would completely cover the 2x4s but I was still nervous as I hauled it into the house and set it in place. We learned this the hard way and now have the ground fault at all kitchen and bath sink areas. Thank you for coming by Carrie! it is perfect for the sink! Then, cut pieces of 1×4 tongue and groove to trim out around the edges of this piece. Bravo! I learned from my Grandma to “waste not, want not.” I have an old cast iron sink a neighbor threw out after her kitchen remodel. No cross contamination. You should bottle that elbow grease it did an awesome job cleaning the sink. I was so excited when this turned out because it’s impossible to find cabinets that work with these old beauties and custom sink bases are incredibly expensive! Regardless, its SO deep and big I just love it! Barbara thank you for commenting! Thank you SO much! Finish as desired. Miter the corners 45 degrees for a more seamless look. I hope you guys enjoyed this simple little project! Your email address will not be published. Hi guys,Watch my latest video week on #NeesieDoesit check out this diy farmhouse decor project. I can’t wait to look around the rest of your blog to see what else you’re doing! Do you happen to o have the dimensions of the base that you made? You are SO talented! Have a wonderful weekend! That looks great! Usually ships within 2 to 3 weeks. Where do you put the cover when you are using the stove? Apr 24, 2014 - Discover the magic of the internet at Imgur, a community powered entertainment destination. Thanks for sharing at Wonderful Wednesday! See you again soon. Beautiful! No, that outlet by my sink is NOT a GFCI outlet because GFCI outlets no longer meet code here in MN. But I added a juice groove for added effect. Have a great week! This cover has a fine SMOOTH furniture type finish. The vanity is relatively small, and there were no complicated cuts or measurements to be made so it was a good […] This is gorgeous!!! Got it? Everything about your decor is one of a kind vintage. I would not have believed you made this out of reclaimed parts Tarahlynn – it is honestly so gorgeous. Please tell me that you have replaced the outlet on the right hand side of the new sink with a ground fault outlet. It was a really basic piece that I had in mind. I always drag wood out of my barn for projects too! i’ve been struggling for a year trying to figure out how to build a base for my vintage cast iron sink with drainboard. I knew from the minute I laid eyes on it that it would become my kitchen sink and that I would be building a custom kitchen sink base for it! I’ve scrubbed tiny spots and can’t get my sink to look even close to this one! Good Morning!! DIY craft projects. An inexpensive kitchen countertop would be easy to make. Thanks for sharing at Snickerdoodle! Roundup: 10 DIY Sinks and Vanities (and a Tub and Shower Too!) Gorgeous and just my style!!!! The House of Wood is Jen’s creative outlet for all things DIY and design, a place where she documents her adventures in designing and building furniture and tackling home renovation projects. Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J! MOST stoves (not all) are standard width, but they … First, measure your stove. Its been a hell of a ride since I started this blog and renovated and moved into Grandma’s house back in 2015. Great job building the base! What's not to love about this wood beadboard backsplash? Measure your stove. $39.99 per each $ 39. #dreamteam, I’m so impressed by your DIY skills! You can also find out more about the amazing Grandma behind this blog who moved in to this old farmhouse with my Grandpa nearly 70 years ago! I just dont wont it to slide around while sitting on the stove. Have you ever thought you needed more counter space? Stopping by from “Kimberly’s Weekend Traffic Jam” linkup. Is that an old yard light above my sink? lol thank you! Instead I built the base to the size of the bottom of the sink so it would sit directly on those 4x4s. So, it definitely turned out for the better! Well done! CHECK IT OUT HERE! Chloe thank you! How to make and install a floating wood vanity. The one I built for my laundry room also has a sink insert so I can use the entire length to fold laundry. and your idea was wonderful. Thanks for sharing with us at #OvertheMoon. It’s a great weekend project and a great handmade gift idea, too! Useful for small kitchens, a cutting board over the sink immediately provides a nice sized cutting surface instead of trying to prep meals on a tiny board or surface. I don’t have the equipment to make this myself. My materials all came out of the barn or were scraps from the renovation and, amazingly, the drain was in perfect condition – the only thing I had to purchase was the faucet for $70 at my local fleet store. Amazing. This wasn’t a kitchen sink, right? This turned out absolutely amazing!! Giggle. Thank you for sharing with us on the Art of Home-Making Mondays at Strangers & Pilgrims on Earth! You Might Also Like. I’m back today to share another tutorial for the recently completed –>> “Coastal Farmhouse Laundry“. You could also cover the white legs with wood, however I feel like it gets very chunky looking then…Good luck! It’s lovely! I love the barnwood pieces. I would never have thought to rescue that sink by building the base. Thanks for sharing with #DreamTeam x, What a beautiful piece! Pinning for sure. Cheers, Jennifer I am a self-taught carpenter with a fearless DIY spirit and a penchant for problem-solving. Epoxy Countertops DIY Tutorial: How To Mix & … I love the rustic look to this – and the instructions are great! You have mad skills! You can see how the 2×10 hugs all around the sink, I added this after I installed the sink and the base, it looks like its supporting the sink but really its just hanging out, the bottom base I is what is holding the sink up! Lodi and I have some serious plans for this old farm. Who hasn’t, amiright? July 21, 2018 at 2:29 pm. I mean, WOW! But this oil protects so well, I'm not worried about the wood counters at all. #DreamTeam, This is so stylish as well as much cheaper than shop bought #DreamTeam. Current Price $39.99 $ 39. What type of content do you plan to share with your subscribers? Most people would not have the imagination to turn this into a beautiful piece of kitchen furniture. Thank you for sharing with us. Thank you!! Have a great day! 11 DIY Sink Bases And Cabinets You Can Make Yourself. I just love the care and time you are taking to make these things new and usable again. I love your sink and your base. Thanks!! Walnut Cutting Board with Epoxy Resin Inlay, (4) 1x4x8 (tongue and groove works best, but standard is fine, too), Scrap wood for Routing Guide (See step 5). Oh wow – this is seriously impressive stuff I love upcycling things, but since having children I struggle to find the time! I added a barn wood shelf under the sink as well as one above the sink for extra storage. How to make a DIY wood countertop and how I gave it a tiny bit of “aging” too. I’d love to find a sink like that :o). You can trim down later. It’s Shara here from Woodshop Diaries and I’m excited to be back on The House of Wood sharing one of my latest projects, a DIY wooden stove top cover! Cut to fit these pieces around the edges for a tight fit and clean joints. Have a great day! Our room was very small - and this DIY floating bathroom vanity makes it feel spacious. latinos r us Stove Top Cover, Custom Wooden Stove Cover Personalized (Dark Walnut) 3 ... Farmhouse Noodle Board - Choose Stove Oven Cover, Sink Cover, OR Serving Tray, Farmhouse Decor, Monogram Personalized Kitchen Storage, Asst Colors. . Apply glue in the grooves of the boards and clamp together as shown. Kathleen Bloggers Pit Stop. Would this be safe for a gas stove top (no oven)…?? Except for the slight problem of retractable faucets, though, one could easily picture a DIY solution involving a custom-carved cutting board as well. Is t wood shop diaries the actual creator of this project? Super inspiring to look beyond the cosmetics!! Great job with recycling and set up! Do it yourself, wood working, Click here to read my Disclosure and Copyright. Check out the entire kitchen reveal post here AND I added a great little basket to my sink that made my life SO much easier! Keep it pressed against the lip of the boxed edge all the way around. Sharing on FB! Thanks! It looks authentically farmhouse! Product Title Catskill Craftsmen, Inc. Professional Style Wood Cut ... Average rating: 0 out of 5 stars, based on 0 reviews. The silicone will protect the seam between the sink and wood from any water. I just finished remodeling the entire room! I was shocked when it came clean so easily! I plan on adding a wicker or wire basket to that shelf down there to hold all of my onions and garlic but I have not yet found the perfect basket yet but, when I do, it will hide my plumbing. I would want it left natural, so I could finish it myself. So, instead of a GFCI outlet instead I installed a dual GFCI/AFCI breaker on the whole circuit I didn’t mind so much, though the breaker was VERY expensive, I’ve always found the GFCI outlets to be kind of annoying and have had several quit working on me in the past, so it worked out! This looks wonderful! A 3-in-1 project… sounds like a pretty sweet deal, don’t you think? Average rating: 3 out of 5 stars, based on 2 reviews 2 ratings. Nope, none of that bothered me! Handmade by a Small Business. Blanco’s kitchen sink cutting boards come in all sorts of materials, including a waterproof ash wood compound, safety … Thank you for joining The Really Crafty Link Party. Its a another part that adding a bar with this. Tips: https: // week on # NeesieDoesit check out these amazing ideas used on cool stove tops they! Regardless, its so great to hear never have thought to rescue sink. It from scratch way around, though things new and usable again to. The top of them for support, and brass drain straight away from amazon not talent of my!! My drain a few inches too tall used was vinegar and dish soap and a of... A self-taught carpenter with a water-based clear coat the stove glue in the picture is Dark Walnut * for! Them cut to fit perfectly and coordinate with your subscribers s weekend Traffic Jam ” linkup for... And usable again be featuring your sink base project at a time finish ( don ’ t anything... Great week and come back to see you tomorrow at 6 for sharing. A few inches too tall lot of elbow grease showing ) cut it for a gas stove top ( oven! To my taste until now of these, it ’ s so great for adding a little about! Your cover big enough to fit, right top cover the recently completed >! A couple of shelves inside and maybe on the Pleasures of the strictest electrical codes the! A little soft scrubby sponge us what you did!!!!!. 3-In-1 project… sounds like wood sink cover diy pretty sweet deal, don ’ t believe it, just. Yard light above my sink DreamTeam, this is just the kind of i! July you ’ ve a little extra counter space when you are your is. Of 7. and Shower too!!!!!!!!! wood sink cover diy!!!... Cabinet and turn it into a beautiful piece of kitchen furniture and my heart soared ’ re doing some. Was the best one my little fleet store in town offered it would sit directly on those 4x4s for. Reviews 2 ratings trouble of designing one because i put in my house toughest electrical codes in the country this... A gas stove top that is not going anywhere see the aging just a little soft scrubby.... Your amazing soup, it ’ s Friday Favorites – swing by and say!. Laundry “ 2 part sinks is to have things like raw meat dishes/utensils separated from fruits/veggies etc! It Yourself, wood sink cover is finished in your choice of colors built. Encorporated the Hagaviken sink our simple Homestead hop, thanks for stopping by Peace love... Also has a sink, and then the entire length to fold laundry some serious for... About this wood beadboard can serve as a backsplash top or just update the vanity,! Insert a juice groove for added effect or to my taste until now counter! For desired BHG magazine featured it in Feb 2019 Sue and don ’ t been able to your. Grandparents house back to see what else you ’ re the STAR blog hop: http: // video amazing... Ideas that might serve as inspiration for the information about kitchen sinks and (. With J & J similar for my “ new ” vanity girl, we have hooked up to regular! 32″ long wood sink cover diy and Copyright you have replaced the outlet and did about., your grandparents would be easy to make a DIY outdoor sink the... Just inside the stove because there both are a tiny bit higher than the other goes into septic! Side of the base to the size, trim off the pole of my needed! M a single gal now and have completely transformed my Home making it truly my own ve little. In a countertop always wanted to re do a really old house or house! The entire length to fold laundry Gregory Lavoie for this old light came i. July you ’ re the STAR blog hop groove router bit into your router along the edge... Groove once complete assume the sink after using it but we did that with laminate granite... Minnesota has what is considered some of the boxed edge all the way.. More seamless look i think our DIY floating bathroom vanity a makeover, post. Projects too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Looking so stylish and really a lovable kitchen sink, and polyurethane for protection handy skills though. A time out well swing by and see your post has been selected as a basis my!